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I've pulled out some of my favorite and most popular posts here, so that you can get to know me if you don't already. The shortcut to that, of course, is just to share a cup of coffee or tea or a bacon/egg/cheese on a cheddar chive biscuit at my favorite local spot. 


dear little one

My first year of marriage was also a year grieving my brother's sudden death, one month after our "I do." But, it was also spent anticipating our dear little one, who became a reality two months into that grief. During that time, I wrote a series of letters to Baby K and you can find them here. If I was the person I wish I was, I would have journaled every day - writing prayers, preparation thoughts, and pregnancy milestones. But I am not that person, so I blogged letters every once in awhile. Read more...

grief notes

"And I hate that story – that final story I keep telling about my brother Will. The final story I’ve smashed irreverently into one memorized, mechanical sentence that sounds more like a news report than anything else… the story I feel obligated to follow with the words, “It’s okay,” and “We are fine…” because no one is comfortable with death or grief or sorrow. Everybody shifts uneasily when absence happens like that."

Read more from this and other posts I wrote as I reflected on the grief following my brother's death.


This was panCAKE night - the Monday we constructed a cake out of pancakes and everyone got a slice!

This was panCAKE night - the Monday we constructed a cake out of pancakes and everyone got a slice!

Pancake Mondays

"Meanwhile, Pancake Mondays kept happening. Our friends in the area would stop by if they were available or hungry or curious. We invited more neighbors, co-workers, and encouraged them to invite their friends too. We invited people we met at coffee shops and at the gym and at the grocery store."

Read more about this crazy idea called Pancake Mondays - how it started and how it continues in some form today.