how foolish a coward

I am merely reposting this here. I wrote it originally in 2007. I am a coward. Oh man, oh man I am a pathetic coward.

But I am healing, heavy under the fragrant weight of mercy - for words spoken, promises broken, conversations averted, open doors ignored.

Unclean creatures caught tragically among unclean others soon, swiftly turn for familiar. Freedom escapes and vernacular is tangible what is left needs redemption

can these things be forgiven - these repeat offenses? the same voice stuck always when its throat should sing the eruption of song on the hazy horizon, waves crashing, storms threatening, but glory well living.

eyes set, jaw determined in a steady line the words need said to defend, clarify, and define the glory made flesh

the Word. offenses taken, but please don't mind my mind. Fear crouches dangerous and clings the edges of Truth, making fuzzy the path and curious the question

Oh, but the effort is so great; the community meets, lives, retreats, but this conversation of confusion .interrupts.

the Holy One is not pleased by politics not impressed by feet soft tread on evil He is glorified in life, in death, in good, in evil, in perfection, in failure

He is.

how foolish a coward. how foolish a coward.