Hello, world!

Yes. Hello. I am coming to wordpress with my blogspot tail between my legs because I can't figure out for the LIFE of me why I can't log into my own blog. So, I took it as a sign to move along and into a new blogosphere, after several months break over the summer.

Now, here I am. I'm not sure how hard it will be to spread the word that I am now posting here, but I hope the transition won't be too painful. I also hope that I can really master the art of blogging here... maybe even try a few new things and kick it up a notch, in an overnight writing sensation kind of way.

Let's not get ahead of yourself, you are thinking. Okay, then. I'll stick to what I do best and see who shows up to read it. How about that?

I have a LOT to update about, so I may have to resort to the awfully uninteresting bullet points for a few posts, but then I promise things will get more interesting.