THE BEST or just okay

Last week I was asked to speak at a neighboring Christian school in Tegucigalpa at a few chapel services. Even though the target audience seemed a bit young (6-8 grades), I decided to just share what was on my heart: BEST. Here are some snippets.

We (people) have this knack for settling for mud pies (as C.S. Lewis brilliantly explained) when we could be having a holiday at the sea.
This is not a new revelation, but maybe I've recently found more clarity and urgency in its message. We are FAR TOO EASILY PLEASED, C.S. Lewis says. And so many years later, it is still true. We make ourselves content with things that are just "okay."
We have okay friends.
We make okay plans.
We have okay conversations.
We hope to have an okay job.
We want an okay house and kids.
We want okay grades.
We pursue okay relationships.
We desperately hope for a just barely okay existence.
Do you think God created us to just get by in this world? To skim the surface and all the okay pleasures and passing comforts of this place. It is SO MUCH LESS than abundant! Jesus promises in John 10:10 that he came to bring life and life ABUNDANT.
So, to hear/see myself or anyone else giving in to the pressure to just barely squeak by is... is like watching someone (sitting cross-legged in a shallow puddle, splashing mud everywhere) refuse a ticket to the most beautiful destination known to man for an indefinite amount of time.
I want to say, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!"
Every single day, God holds out the BEST there is ... the abundant life He promises. Every day we look at the BEST and choose just okay and we fill our lives with mud pies.
I'm holding out hope for the BEST. Praise the Lord, in His grace He continues to offer us life abundant through the rich knowledge and understanding hidden deep in His Word.
we can take a huge lesson from our Savior... and learn also that BEST involves suffering. We are co-heirs with Christ, sharing in His suffering and future glory. whew!
let LOVE FLY like cRaZY