be LOVE now

Last night I fell asleep reading Forgotten God and doing the Bible Reading Plan. I'm not saying that I started late and fell asleep. No, I'm saying I started at 6:45 pm and two hours later my unconscious head was crumpled next to my Bible, book, and journal. I still had my day-clothes on, and I wasn't quite sure if it was morning-noon-or night.

I'm still not really sure why I am so tired. I think I might be getting a cold. But, it seems almost ludicrous to be caring about such small things after a 6.1 earthquake hit an already ravaged Haiti. Who cares about sore throats?

My cousin Amanda posted this on facebook and I've got to agree:

haitian timoun foundation founder, rick barger's words: "The real disaster that has plagued Haiti is not the earthquake. It simply exposed it. The real disaster is its poverty. Poverty created the lack of infrastructure. Poverty provided the breeding ground for corruption that works to keep Haiti poor. Poverty keeps children from going to school. Poverty places people into a cycle of dependency. Poverty strips away dignity and crushes dreams."

This is the thing that should be causing us all to stop. think. question.

We shouldn't be asking, "where is the love after such a horrible event?"

We should be asking, "Where was the love before the earthquake?"

I personally know of several people who have seen the horrors of Haiti firsthand, even before the earthquakes. As much as our hearts break right now for the thousands and thousands of hurting, we must learn to have broken hearts before disasters.

Let's be love now.