Counting My Many Blessings!

Well, I am a bit overwhelmed. Where do I start? How do I begin?

I kind of feel this way in several areas. The familiarity of the school, city, and people balanced out by my moving to a new place, finding new staff, and adjusting to a different position. There are so many good things, I have a hard time focusing on being productive (which, if you know me, drives me crazy!).

So, I wanted to make a list... so I could visually see the ways God is working and blessing the ministries here. He has already made so many confirmations in my life in these short weeks since my return to Honduras and I would love to share them!

1. Apartment in the city
Last year, I prayed for ways to expand ministry and outreach. Living on top of a mountain, believe it or not, is not the most accessible and central location. I was part of a beautiful community and breathtaking scenery, but I sensed a desire to be better connected to the heartbeat of the city. I'm not sure how this makes sense with my farm-girl roots, but I'm sure it has something to do with appreciating Creation - both in the still, sturdy work and in the multitude of faces. Well, all of that to say, I MOVED. I am in a wonderful apartment with a new roommate, Emily. We are within walking distance of about anywhere (if you have no timeframe in mind) and my feet have found such joy in exploring the new surroundings. I am close enough to meet students for coffee, host fellowship dinners, pick students up for church and drop them off after events on the mountain.

2. Ministry Opportunities
I have only been down here a few weeks, and to be honest, I've had moments of wondering, "When will all those things I visioned happened? I don't have ANY plans for the night!" But, God is faithful even when I am impatient. Last night, I went to a service with Micah Project, an organization that rescues street kids and disciples to live and serve as Christ, while learning a trade and going to school. The service was just so great - simple. But, a perfect reminder that the Lord will show me where He wants to use me this year. I just have to be willing to wait for the opportunities and obediently follow.

(this is also the organization I collected jeans and shoes and supplies for when I was in Atlantic... and it's a good thing because they were in DESPERATE need of just those items!)

3. New staff
I've also been praying (along with many prayer warriors) for the incoming staff to just be filled with a fire and vision for the Lord's work here... Not just within the classroom, but also in relationships with students and pouring into the city. Well, God has done just that. He has brought a fantastic group of teachers who are ready to serve and love. I am so very thankful!

4. Students
Tonight we made posters with the incoming seniors to put up on the walls - inspirational quotes and Bible verses so the students will be greeted with something lively when they arrive on Thursday. This was totally voluntary and separate from an "official" school function, but a good 15 students showed up and I was so encouraged! We prayed and sang a few songs to usher in the new year. This makes me even more excited to see my girls from last year (who I've been in touch with) and get things rolling once again.

5. Safety
Wow. I guess this is a blessing in so many ways. I feel beyond blessed that I arrived safely here, after a LOT of crazy traveling confusion (mostly traveling stupidity on my part - but did you know God shows grace even when we are stupid?). Amidst political turmoil in this country and a bit of fear in the people, I have never felt threatened in any way - praise the Lord. I also feel the Lord's protection every time I get into the Honda Civic (Lewis, as we affectionately call him) to drive somewhere. To be honest, I was very nervous about driving, but from the very beginning I knew the confidence and safety are in the Lord's hands and I've had peace ever since. Every time I get in, I say a prayer that God would cover us with his hands and I know He is faithful.

The Lord is SO very good. I hope that you hear that today, more than anything else. Our Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is good. He is the same MIGHTY God who has delivered His rebellious children time and time again and He will remain faithful to the end. It is part of His character. That amazes me.

Blessings to you!