a poem for Sunday and thoughts on inspiration

I wrote this awhile back and just found it again. This morning, the sermon was on the honor of mothers and their beautiful place in God's plan for creation. It made me think about all the times my mother could have pointed to her own wisdom, but instead she directed me to God and His perfect way for me. I am so very, very thankful for the example of unconditional love I saw (and see!) in my mom. Her own faith journey has been an inspiration and encouragement to me in so many ways. I wrote this poem at a different time, but reading it over I think it speaks a lot to the way my mom never hesitated to point me toward the comfort I would find in the arms of my Savior.... and knowing that was the best she could give.

when darkness comes
when darkness comes
and the lights are dim;
when comfort fades
and your hope seems grim

when you’ve searched your heart
and found only fear;
when you’ve searched your soul
and can’t seem to hear

some still small voice
keeps saying “slow down;
seek first, my child,
before your heart tumbles ‘round”

when you get weak
and decisions overwhelm;
when you pretend to be okay
but nothing seems to help

when every problem tires
and your spirit is put to the test;
when impatience sets in
and you are weary with regrets

some still small voice
keeps saying “come near;
seek first, my child,
you know I am here.”

What does this day move you to ponder? About moms or creation or blessings? Lately, I've been struggling to find inspiration... its hiding underneath schedules and busyness and I don't like it one bit. Every time I go hunting for it, I am looking so hard I don't see what screams in front of my face. Inspiration used to come easy. You know, I think inspiration is really just giving God opportunity. So, I'm making space today to give God the opportunity to speak.