pizzas and plenty

Tonight a window opened.

A couple days ago, I re-connected with some students who have been really precious to me this year. In the shuffle of ever-changing job descriptions, my stress at what to "be" to students in different settings, and a very random schedule, I neglected to give them the heart time they needed and I love so much.

So, tonight I invited them for dinner at my place. You know, of the home-cooked variety? I had a meeting for Hands and Feet after school and then rushed home to make dough from scratch for mini-pizzas (which was its own adventure... had to borrow flour and then borrow again when I realized the first was corn flour). I cut up veggies, minced garlic, and shredded chicken, let the dough rise, formed pizzas, cooked crust... and then waited. and waited. and waited.

I knew Honduran time was different, but I hadn't planned for 1 1/2 hours! When they finally arrived, it kind of worked like one of those unrealistic cooking shows. You know the kind, right? Oh, just throw on a little of this and put it in the oven... and I actually have here the bread after its risen. A few minutes later, you're ready to eat. Well, this time it DID work like that.

"Alright, girls lets make our pizzas!"

Two seconds later...
"Well, I actually have a few already finished!"

I highly suggest this tactic for hosting - way less stressful!


Maria Jose

We had such a wonderful time of just laughing and chatting and fellowship. I can't believe what an amazing gift we have in fellowship. Truly. Though I might consider myself a closet introvert, these times of relationship with my girls simply could not get any better.