rough morning

Man, I'm worn out.

This morning, I started packing for our little trip to the coast when I realized my passport was not where I usually keep it. I have unzipped and dumped and opened and searched every little place I think it could be and I came up with nothing.

I have a 12 noon date with a plane bound for Iowa on Thursday and this is more than a bummer. But, as I seem to be saying all day, "You are not meant to worry about the things you cannot change." I felt like I woke up (passed out with all my clothes on after we got home from dinner... just exhausted) and God said, "remember how you said I was good yesterday? I still am."

Whew. I do believe He is good today. In fact, as I settle in to the idea that I'll be around this week, I am already thinking of things I can do with this time. Write. Read. Play. Run. Crafts. Clean.

I know I've been asking you to pray a lot lately. I hope that's not too bothersome for you... I really believe the prayers bless those that pray as well as those who receive.