5 Thoughts for Friday

Did any of you grow up watching Feature Films for Families?

Rigoletto came popped into my head this morning and "The Melody Within" has been skipping through my fragile-Friday mind ever since. It hasn't bothered me one bit!

5 Thoughts for Friday:

1. I don't think I'll grow out of being obnoxious. Though I have put great effort into controlling my spontaneous (sometimes delirious) nature, I've come to the conclusion that my silliness is absolutely unavoidable.... which of course leads me to the conclusion that teaching holds a very questionable future for me.

2. I love trees. It's a weird obsession, kind of like being preoccupied with wise old men who have already passed on (like Blaise Pascal and C.S. Lewis). I love to think about all the symbolism wrapped into the roots of strong, solid oaks and the uniform beauty in a row of evergreens. I just love 'em.

3. Being rational is sometimes overrated. Notice I didn't say all the time. There is a great place for reason in life, though I too often forget and consider it the infrequent exception instead of the rule. Being irrational is more exciting, easier, faster, more accessible (and sometimes more damaging). All that said, reason can just as easily argue us right out of a perfectly valid risk - and of that I am not a fan.

4. Lemonade. The only satisfactory refreshment for all that is hot and sticky. Though lemons here actually look like limes and the end result hardly resembles the powdered concoctions of "Countrytime" fame, the refreshing citrus is still familiar (and the changes welcome, I might add)! Fresh-squeezed lemonade simply could never be replaced as the choice back-porch summer beverage!

5. dance, dance, dance. Lately, I've been feeling a freedom in my spirit... remember the song, "Every time I feel the spirit, moving in my heart I will pray" and the gospel choir song, "When I think about Jesus, and what He's done for me, when I think about Jesus and how He set me free, I could dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance all night!"? Well, I'm feeling it.

Unnumbered number 6. I hate that the 5 things I just thought of are all about me. Pooh that.

Have a great Friday, y'all!