The craziness of the end of quarter three is upon us! Students are pleading for extra days to finish late work, teachers are planning secret weekend escapes/grading parties, and my friend Rosa (who runs the cafeteria) is having a mad dash on chocolate to keep both students and teachers pacified.

After school today, the new teachers finished up the last of three video sessions of a rather dry philosophy class (love the content, but the old man sitting by a fire for a solid hour just doesn't invoke a whole lot of interaction. Heather and I made a quick, random dinner (most of our dinners are SO random - I'll have to write about that another time), I went to care group, then we had an amazing time of staff worship... and finally I came back to crash.

And then this monster called

crashed my party and has me wondering where I draw the line with students. I know I have already worked through some of this and received some AMAZING advice from wiser folk than me, but I think I might be on a circular road, because I'm always coming up to this intersection.

I LOVE the opportunity to get closer to students, though for a long time I drew the line at email. I even set up a separate account name the students could use that would be re-directed to my main email. Then those plans went to pot when I realized these are people... real, broken, lovely, beautiful people that I see every single day and pray for as much as they're on my heart. This whole computer communication thing isn't what I would prefer, but it's the way things are going and I'd rather have them talking to me (and having even a teeny bit of accountability for who sees their profiles) than doing something sketchy, right?

I'm not really sure. What I do know, from my convo with a stellar student tonight, is that we are planning to do karaoke next week to some High School Musical, she kinda sorta likes this guy, and she was on the computer for several hours.

Personal/professional... I feel like a youth worker/teacher/counselor/friend/mentor/sister - and it's got that whole "job" role thrown in a confusing heap somewhere in the corners of my brain. It's going to stay there, too, for the night... because I'm logging out!