praying for Africa

I just wanted to post something tonight to ask you to pray for my dad while he is in Africa. For those of you who don't know, my dad left for Africa over a week ago and will return in about a week. He and another man from my home church, Denny, are humble farmers from Iowa with a desire to share their gifts and talents with the people of Kenya. My dad caught the missions bug last year when he lead the first agriculture-related trip to work with PACE Kenya - the local organization we support.

When he came back, his stories were amazing. I really believe it changed his life, opening up parts of the world and his heart he'd never thought or expected. So this year he was drawn back with fresh ideas and another bag of tricks for the struggling farmers in the region. I praise God for the way he is using my dad to work out His purposes in Kenya... and the obedience I see as such an example in responding to the call.

This is the most recent message I've received.

They report both frustrating challenges and incredible encouragement.
Praise: They have not yet had to "teach" about raising fish!
They are feeling well and rested. There is great excitement about the poultry project and the people are so appreciative. PACE sends their greetings and thanks to our church. Dick and Denny report wonderful answers to prayer and thank all who are remembering to pray.

Prayer: They have 200 baby chicks that need heat at night to survive. So far the heat lamps are keeping them alive. Please pray that the electricity will remain constant (not a given) until they can get a generator in place- hopefully Monday. They also are having trouble with the incubators for the same reason.
They have 2 more days of teaching, then they are going on some farm visits.

I am praying that God blesses the work of their hands... and also that they are blessed by the people, relationships, and just creation.