heart healthy when, a poem for patrick

Sometime in the middle of a confusing rainy season (confusing because the seasons are so strange here), I was in a conversation with my mejor amigo Patrick and this poem kind of just came out. I give all credit to him - he didn't let me stop until I was good and finished. The significance of this day of all days is that TODAY is when people everywhere, from Africa to Honduras to California to Oregon to Iowa to Illinois to ______ will celebrate Patrick's birth.

heart healthy "when"
much time has passed, but little is said
all the while, the girl sits on her bed
she reads, laughs and giggles as stories form
from cracked out messages memories come like a storm

though miles separate and distance is great
every single time these messages anticipate
grateful, inspired, but wondering too
why the friends don't just talk
instead of bumbling around in this hullaballoo

not every word finds its special place,
but each is wrapped in fine friendship lace
a joke, a tear, a well-intentioned word
laughter always finds it way to be heard

for this fine frenzied finale is quite like a dream
only honest and true, spoken not in extremes
keep centered and stationed with Love an anchor
even when the helpless, heart fabric became well and worn

rough is the way going, no signposts or guides
only trusting each step for sure goodness lies
not within earthen vessels built by human hands
nor in one another, created by the same plan

but two better one, and three even more
though a circle solves not, it binds one accord
broken sees broken and searches release
seeks redemption together and there finds peace

confusion forms bold question marks
emotions hold sway and claim its a farce
with wait and wonder impatience sets in
and from her belly wells up a heart-healthy, "when?"

patience comes, never easy or sweet
pressing in fragments, she yearns for complete
with no sure answer and no physical sign
from obedience liberty and from duty delight