We cry "Abba, Father"

I just want to praise the Lord for today. Here's a link to the John Piper sermon I listened to this morning, which got me thinking about the greatness of our God. Can you imagine the excitement the disciples had when they discovered that Jesus was the Son of God?

Their excitement, though paramount, was understated because they hadn't yet seen the whole work. And now, we stand on the other side with God's greatness beaming from His redemptive work and my heart cries out, "Abba, Father" (Romans 8) for all the times I forget His greatness.

This week will be blessed. In what ways I haven't the slightest ideas, but our God is One of motion and I know this week He will be moving in our midst, softening hearts, guiding footsteps, and directing conversations.

May He receive all glory and honor and praise!