Weekly Lineup

Well, another week has gone by and I'm definitely feeling the distance of countries. I let the first tears fall as I heard reports of football games and read about apple picking. Yet, the blessing still abound. I am ever thankful for technology - that allows me to call home with crazy stories of mountain rescues and also to see my best friend's baby for the first time.

This week - who knows? The Lord is very thoroughly refining me and I have a certain feeling He is not done (and won't ever be). So, I'll probably be sharing a bit of this in the course of the week, but it looks like Christina will have some interesting things to share as well. ENJOY!

application to date my girls
Part of Christina's great new gig is to disciple girls. Recently after a high school dance, her protective nature was appalled at the stories her girls told. So... she decided the next boys wanting to ask her little flock out on a date would have to go through a very intense application process.

occupied with joy
After reading in Ecclesiastes, this verse emerged from all the "vanity" and "chasing the wind" ... "For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with the joy in his heart." (Eccl. 5:20) This is amazing!

feelings of fall
A cool breeze, hot chocolate, sweaters... all these things remind me of fall.

what is a family
Living so far away, my definition of family is expanding. God has a very specific and perfect purpose for the way community is formed and lived. I praise God for the blessing of family (and friends) I grew up in and with. I'm still trying to understand how I can enjoy and bless back if I'm called away.

gRaB bAg
Again - don't know what this could be, but expect greatness!