a book; an escape

When friends told me I should bring reading material to Honduras, my reaction was, "yes, of course, but I'm sure I won't have time to do much reading." Wrong.

Some of my favorite times in solitude here have been with good books. Now, in the middle of "The Brothers Karamazov," I'm already looking for something a little more uplifting. And, just as I'm thinking this, I get emails from two very respected women in my life who are doing some reading of their own. Joel Rosenberg is on their list of authors.

After I scanned his website, I too am intrigued. If US News and World Report, CNN Headline News, New York Daily News, and Rush Limbaugh all endorse him, I figure his books are worth a shot.

The hard part may be finding him in Honduras. But, either way, I'm recommending you take a peek!