Weekly Lineup

What a week it's been! Praise God for the blessings of the past week... Christina is now working in her new position at Valley E. Free and I am falling more in love with Tegus every day. We know God is so good - sometimes we can see His goodness through blessings and other times we just believe His goodness is there by faith. Either way, God continues His remarkable work and we're glad to be a part! This week, we're hoping to have some more variety. Enjoy! And, as always, leave comments - we LOVE your comments!

Phase II
Read more about Christina's transition... After being faithful in pursuing the Lord and receiving what you asked, a lot about life changes. Christina has been realizing that God is still and will always be in the work of refining.

design lemon and limes

Okay, so you've probably already figured out that Christina is the design whiz around here (when I say around I mean theoretically, because we're obviously countries apart). But, that doesn't mean I don't try to spin a little creativity every once in awhile. Read about the great and not-so-great results!

'in' and not 'of'
Paul's charge to be in the world, but not of the world turns out to be a pretty hard fight. We struggle each day to make decisions that shine the light of Christ amidst darkness, yet it's hard to know how our light best shines. Do I watch that movie or read that book? Do we support that company? So many questions... We'll ask some this week.

being a woman of discipline
So, I just finished reading Chesterton's "A Man Who Was Thursday" and I'm still reeling from the resolution. As I process, I'm moving onto a bit of non-fiction in Elizabeth Elliott's "Discipline." I have really felt God lay on my heart to seek and desire a more disciplined walk.

what to do at a white party?
If you've ever been somewhere and got the sudden urge to be the life of the party - read this! Christina is pretty good about bringing laughter to almost any situation and this recent event was no different!

There might be more, might be less. I am learning that our 'lineup' our really mere suggestions and reminders to ourselves of the direction we think we'll go.

Have a great week!