Weekly Lineup


I know it has been SO long since we have written in any sort of organized way. In fact, I just realized that it might be a good idea to re-introduce ourselves. To save some space (and the eyes of those that know us well) you can just click here and here to read more about us and our blog.

We're going to try the lineup thing again and see how it goes. We're thanking the Lord for the blessing of skype... and hoping that we can continue to write together, separately on this little space of the web.

Here's our lineup for this week:

NM Mission Trip: REcap
Remember when Christina was on a mission trip to New Mexico and you were praying for her? Well, she returned and has much to share! Be sure to check out how the Lord worked and is working in their lives!

Life in Honduras: the things you have to learn for yourself

Read about how Caroline is adjusting to life in Honduras. Some things are easier than others and there are MANY reasons to laugh.

Praying, Believing, Doing

Christina has been deep in transition these past few weeks - ending a job, going on a mission trips, applying for other jobs, interviewing... and through everything the Lord has been Provider and Sustainer. Sometimes, though, it's hard to find the right balance of praying, believing, and doing.

The Adventures of the Life I Wish I Led

Read part I and part II before you read on. This little series is entirely fictional and based on my heart's desire at the time I'm writing. We all know if we truly had our way, things wouldn't be so great, but I think there are desires God has given us that are okay (even good) to dream about.

Dare to Design
Read some marvelous insight into the design world. We're not all gifted with an eye for color or fabric or artistic elements, but we can all read about people who are! So gain some insight from Christina this week and use what you steal to work for you!

Interview with ______

When we first decided to merge our creativity into this blog, we talked about wanting to do interviews. After our first interviewees fell through, we're thinking of trying a different tactic. What if we interviewed YOU, our readers! I'm pretty clueless as to how many people read this, but it would be WONDERFUL to start bringing more of you into this creative process. So, make a comment post on this weekly lineup if you'd be interested in an interview - because we're interested in YOU!

That's it for this week. Look for little pick-me-up posts during the week as well. Like we said, we're going to try to be as regular as we can, for two sisters living thousands of miles apart.