day two and muy cansada

So, my mom is a teacher. I have several aunts who are teachers. My brother is a teacher, my sister-in-law, several friends. I don't know if I just severely misunderstood the job description, or if I just flat out never gave them enough credit... but MAN! what a job they have!

I got through two half days and I feel like I'm still catching my breath. But, gloria a Dios for His will is perfect!

I have established a system for mornings here. It's called get up 2 hours before I need to be somewhere. I have time for breakfast, quiet time, shower... and enough space to collect my thoughts without rushing. The system works pretty well. I'm generally early ... so yesterday morning (first day of school) I went into my classroom and checked (and re-checked) to make sure everything was in place. Of course, I still feel like I have no clue what I'm doing, so everything is somewhat of a gamble at this point. I plugged in the overhead, which I had tried multiple times the previous day and discovered it didn't work!! So, after I sweated through my first day attire, I realized it was the outlet and made the switch in time.

Nothing else too exciting to report, except that I am constantly filled and challenged with the way God has provided community, fellowship, and opportunities here. The very prayers I prayed before leaving are happening right before my eyes!

Today I got to focus a bit more on the guidance side of things - which is beautiful! I am already creating a 7th grade transitions program (called SIT - students in transitions) because from what I gather the 7th grade have a really hard time adjusting. There is no "middle school" here. It's straight from 6th grade elementary to 7th grade high school - so you can imagine the wide eyes we saw this week! I'm working on a newsletter as well, but in a recent development.. I just found out I'll be teaching an 11th grade elective class - Journalism! I couldn't be more excited! I'm hoping to get the students writing a school newspaper by second semester.

Anyway, all that aside I just want to say again the Lord is good. We start each school day morning out with teacher devotions and I already know it will be a much needed grounding - to remind us of our missional purpose here at Pinares and in the community.

In other news... I know it's been awhile since we've heard from Christina. I get the feeling she almost has too much to report. I still don't feel like I've heard a decent account of her mission trip to New Mexico. From what she did say, it was an absolute amazing experience that God used to grow and challenge everyone involved.

Though we have strayed from our goal of keeping to a schedule, I think this next week we'll do better! Please spread the word that we'll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging in the next week!

Hope this finds you well.