Weekly Lineup


Things are crazy around here.

Christina is in Whitewater New Mexico with our brother William and a team from our home church and I am packing the last few things, getting shots, and saying farewells before I leave on Thursday.


Tonight I jumped in the car with my parents and we made the local rounds - visited a couple relatives and friends and absolutely loved it.

I don't really know what to promise this week, so I'm not promising anything. I do very much hope to spend some sincere time writing, reflecting, and catching up before I get way behind again.

Please pray for Christina and the group in New Mexico and for me as I prepare for Tegus. Christina is currently trying to get over a cold, so just pray that the Lord would give her an enduring spirit and willing heart. Praise the Lord for His provision thus far with connections in Tegus - it has really been amazing to see how travel, lodging, and roommates have come together in the past few days.

As I've been able to connect and talk with some of you this summer (family at the Cass County Fair, road trip to Lincoln, frequent stops at the church, chatting after church, and playing cards), I am overwhelmed by blessings. Truly.

From Austin to Iowa to Tegucigalpa, the Lord has gone before me preparing the way for HIS work and I am delighted to be a part.

I know Christina feels the same way about God's faithfulness as she takes the next uncertain steps into a new phase of her life. What a life we lead - and what a treasure to serve our God.

Be blessed! Keep checking in for picture updates from our summer travels!