Photo Album

Here are pictures from leaving Austin and then coming to Iowa. I had a great trip - stopped in Branson to have dinner and pray with Liana and then stopped in St. Louis to spend some time with one of my favorite pastor couples (Schoenfelds!) ... then finally arrived in Iowa, where I've been gazing at green fields of corn and walking in them too! I spent an evening in Des Moines where I was hit on by a guy with a grill in the hood (he offered to buy me a phone so he could have my number!) and then we got lost in an inner city forest. Then I spent some time with my bro and we ended up at a local county fair.

Here are pictures from the family reunion at Lake Anite State Park. In the words of my brother Samuel, "Well, I guess this goes to show we don't need fancy jet skis and fine dining to make a Nichols vacation memorable - just each other and some superbly made water balloon launchers!"

We pretty much had a blast. And note the striking look of me on a motorcycle - get used to it, because I am getting one the next time I need wheels to get around. Well, a scooter, but it's basically the same effect, right?

So, when my Iowa friends get together, something awesome is bound to happen. And of course it did, when we got our sneak on at an abandoned school in Cumberland. Then, William, Grace, Patrick and I went to visit Heidi and Amaya in Lincoln. We took them to the zoo and had SUCH fun!

Here are some pretty great pictures from the fair. What can I say? I'm proud of my roots! My cousins showed beef cattle and pretty much owned the ring. I'll admit, I was a little more careful around the animals, but I loved it all the same!

Enjoy these little slide shows and stay tuned for more! Today I met with a brilliant mentor and missionary and I have much to process.