Gotta have faith- Finished wall word project!

Here's the finished product from my project I devised from here and here.

I used the process from the second link... here's the directions.

DISCLAIMER- I'm not completely happy with it, because of course I cut some corners... so I think I'll be re-doing it with better fabric and actually trace the letters onto the fabric. Because I kind of made up this project- I printed out letters pretty big (bigger than one sheet of paper- you can go upload a pdf of the font and word you want to here and print out in the size you want) and cut them out, pinned them to the fabric, and cut the fabric. This of course did not work very well. Next time I will trace the letters onto the fabric and then cut. Because the letters are held on by water and corn starch, I can just peel them off, wipe off the wall with a cloth, and do it over.

Happy crafting!