Weekly Lineup

Well, folks, can you believe another week has come and gone? Let me tell you - denial doesn't work. The days still peel off the calendar with not a touch of feeling. I'm consistently weepy if I let my thoughts wander in any sort of farewell direction, so I try to stick to safer subjects. For this week, I can assure you I'll overflow at least once onto these electronic pages, but here are some other things that you can (hopefully) expect.

Strife: Cause and Cure
Read Caroline's reaction to a sermon on James 4:1-10 about the root of our troubled relationships. How much of our relational confusion could be solved by the advice James gives?

Hostess with the Most(less)?
Some people really can throw a party ... and then there are others that are pretty obviously gifted in other areas. How can we be hospitable, even when it's not our forte? How can we make our homes happy and welcoming without breaking the bank or overwhelming guests?

Adventures of the Life I Wish I Led, Part II
If you read the first part, then you'll be wondering where the next wish will take me - Michigan, Iowa, Honduras, who knows? We've established I'm a missionary... I work in some sort of education complex with a husband who is some sort of medical doctor, and I have some sort of granola fashion style. Let's see what's next!

Election Season: Unspun
We're no experts on politics, but we do get pretty serious about making every aspect of our lives match up with our hearts. Because of all the propaganda, it's hard to know what a candidate actually stands for - you know, what's behind all of the motivational speeches and slogans. Well, we may not know more than the next guy, but we're working on it.

Okay, that about wraps it up. Definitely still expect some surprises - we don't have this planning thing down pat yet, but hopefully we will keep fine-tuning the process. As my departure for Honduras gets ever closer, I'm thinking I might need to do a little extra blogging for updates and things. So, look for that on here or for a link to another site. Hope you are all having a HAPPY monday!