Office Dances

We've been doing a lot of strategizing, re-structuring, and transitioning in my office. Those are big fancy words for a lot of change. We hired three new people an the entire physical space has been turned upside-down in an effort to make our workplace more team-oriented. I don't object in the slightest to these changes. Actually, I welcome them because it challenges the paths we've made in the carpet thus far. Now we have to take different routes to find people and personally I think change in routine is very healthy.

But, there is a down-side to all this changing. Well, first off, I was unfortunately out of this office when the changes happened. So, when I arrived yesterday I found everything stacked, boxed, and placed neatly about a different desk in a different office, which I now shared with one of our dear secretaries. I don't really have any complaints - I love the secretary and I'm secretly hoping she'll help me work on my dance moves because she used to be an instructor. But, as you can imagine, jumping into work after a two-week absence is hard enough without having to wonder where I put files.

But, that was all redeemed today when I realized that the new office has space enough in the middle for dancing. Yep, you heard right: dancing. I love to dance. I especially love to dance in the office. I used to make up a "dance of the day" to amuse the secretaries and they absolutely love it (I definitely suggest this!). My friend Katelin and I often email different dance instructions to one another... it's really actually therapeutic. Katelin has typed me down off some pretty severe office ledges with her intense dance instruction. Well, today I needed some therapy and Katelin came through. She sent me some lengthy instructions with lots of emotion infused.

So, I did what anyone would do, I turned to my secretary and asked if she wanted to see a dance. She, of course, said yes and off I went. The last instruction was deep breathing with my eyes to the ceiling until my head was calm. I sure came away with a grin and I'm positive my secretary loved it, too.

It just goes to show that my brother and I are nearly always right about one thing, "Be the most awkward person in the room; it makes everyone else feel a little better."

It made me feel better, too. I hardly noticed the changes. Between the dancing and the new Sigur Ros album, I was in another world.