Baby Shower on Wheels

Have you ever found yourself sitting around a tidy circle with a group of ladies, eyes fixed on a mother-to-be, watching her shuffle boxes, gift bags, and tissue paper to resounding "oohs" and "ahs"? Maybe this is just a scene of which I've had the pleasure to take part.

Don't get me wrong - baby showers have their place, along with wedding showers and bachelorette parties, but do you ever wish there was a little variety?

As I thought about how to best shower my dear friend with gifts for her beautiful baby, I decided variety would not only make the shower memorable, but it would also show Meghan how much we loved her.

Here's how it went down:

I started to think about all the wonderful memories from our college days and I realized how many things remind me of Meghan. I made a short list of the places or times where I found myself smiling for Meg or for her little one. Then, with the help of some friends, we picked out gifts for each location. She opened a series of cards to explain the reason for each gift.

When she arrived at my friend's house in Evanston on Friday night (in preparation for our girls' weekend), she opened a gift that focused on her pampering (blouse and jewelry). The next morning at breakfast she opened a gift (photo album) that will help capture all the moments - even the morning messes. Then a gift that will help in getting her little girl ready for the day in ultra classy form (a polo dress). Then we took our shower to a coffee shop, where we focused on the more intellectual side of the new babe (sweet books). We then found ourselves at the beach for a picnic, where naturally Meg would need an adorable diaper bag with travel-ready changing station and a perfect picnic outfit.

Later on that day, we ended up at the Grand Lux Cafe in downtown Chicago. Here we gave Meg what we hope will be many more memories (personalized onesies). Later we took a picture crowded around our favorite expectant mom and the onesie with HOPE (our alma mater) across the chest.

I don't think I've ever had more fun at someone else's celebration. Meg is such a beautiful momma - and I hope we showed her just how special she is. She has changed so much since our days as roommates... and it tears me apart to think I won't be there when our dear little girl is born. But, I know she'll be in good hands. Meg is quickly turning into a wonderful mother - I can't wait to be around to watch her love, encourage, and laugh with the new life inside her.

I barely made it past the tearful goodbye the next morning. I'm still weepy just thinking about her. No one ever really tells you about the bittersweet taste of college departure into the real world. Apart from jobs and careers and adventures, there are frightening farewells with those who walked through fire with you. I guess we might not have believed if we heard it. But, I can tell you I pray for Meg and her baby... for her family ... and for her heart's pursuit of the Lord. It makes me miss her dearly, but I know the Lord is the better protector, defender, and friend.