dirt under my fingernails

Well, the best of intentions (as far as scheduling blog posts goes) do not always produce the best results. What was that saying about a road paved with good intentions? Anyway, we are learning and that is equally valuable.

We are learning that our hearts are not so easily handled by a planned pen, but instead we hope to share the blessings and struggles of our days in real time (not elusively behind creative ideas and philosophies). Having said that, I would love to share with you how dirt crept under my fingernails today - the first time I've relished being a bit dirty in a long while.

I couldn't sleep last night, because 4 am seemed hardly morning to be waking up and getting to the airport. Between last night and the airport, I probably found 3 hours of fitful slumber. Nonetheless, when the plane landed on Iowa's green, flooded soil, I had no problem finding energy. I ate a delightful lunch with my parents at Vivace (and immediately confirmed my belief that they do love to be generous when I am home). Then we set our course south and east of Omaha and landed on that little farmstead on the gravel road.

I rushed to my grandparents house and caught up on all the news - from the alliums to the cherry tree to the strawberries to the sad state of the iris. From there we ended up at the cabin (my brother's engineering genius of telephone poles, barn boards, and scrap lumber), shooting, fishing, and water-ballooning. I jumped in with some home-state vigor to stir up my boisterous childhood playground. I reached into the wet earth to capture worms and squeezed the worms onto hooks. I felt like Jo from Little Women, much too boyish but all too fun.

So, at night's end, no matter how many times I've washed and hand-sanitized, I've got dirt under my fingernails. On any other day it would be most annoying - I always garden with gloves and always take great pains in peeling oranges.

But today, surrounded by my Creator's beauty and the family I love so dear, today a little dirt could not begin to phase me.

STAY TUNED! Tomorrow a new line-up - and possibly new strategy - will roll out. What do you think we should do: stick to the plan and write articles each day OR schedule a few days and be spontaneous on the rest. Let us know what you think!