Poem from LeaderShape

Anyone that knows me is aware I received the 'cheesy gene' from my mother. I sure put it to good use last week during LeaderShape. I facilitated a small family cluster of 12 students and we became very close over the course of the week. My cluster chose the name 'mountainmen' and under that name we shared in the lessons and laughter. At graduation on Saturday, each facilitator said a few words about the group. Mine, of course, came out in poem.

(for the mountainmen)

not so long ago
in a very near place
a family formed
at a thing called LeaderShape

We were strangers
not a soul knew another
first words were precious
but guards soon went asunder

as each day passed
the closer we became
sharing stories of life
and visions beyond the mundane

it became about more
than 'my vision, my dream'
it became about serving others
and changing what seems to be

stuck in a basement
we would not fret,
12 heads together
will surely survive instead

given little or plenty
in life or in play
we will always be content
to hope for change someday

we all have a vision
they are BIG, I'll admit
we share our fears
but not too much to commit

twelve unique people
one unique place
challenged and stretched
to step out the rat race

laughter abundant
and smiles a many
we bonded together
and now we've friendships a plenty!

mountainmen, go out now
and don't stop your climbing
just remember the process
is more about refining