zonked and getting older

Man. I didn't realize how many muscles a good game of ultimate frisbee really required. I was made fully aware this morning when I woke up to sore back, legs, arms, and abs. Yesterday, I celebrated Amy's birthday at the park and we ended with a rousing game of ultimate frisbee.

Apparently, I felt like I had to show off some sweet catch-and-dive, reach-and-split, tuck-and-roll moves. I definitely didn't think I'd be using the phrase, "I'm too old for this," quite so fast!

Now, I can take this one of two ways: 1. I think I'm 'over' competitive physical activities or 2. Competitive physical activities should be the rule and not the exception. I guess you should ask me tomorrow when I have to walk again.

It's been a rough couple of days, with many goodbyes on the horizon. But, as my dear friend Grace tells me, it just means there will be more hellos.

apologies for no posts... I have been, well, severely otherwise engaged.