my outside weeps, too

Tonight, after hosting the first inaugural Community Appreciation Dinner, I was walking back with one of my favorite students. She is a joy; she is sunshine. I was burdened with bags and boxes, but somehow mentioned Bible study as my next destination.

"You're going there right now?" she said.
"Yes! You should come... do you want to come?" I asked.
"Oh, I have to write a paper for tomorrow. Shoot. Is it every Monday? What about next week?" she asked.
"Yes, it will be next week. Man! I can't believe I haven't asked you before!" I said.

And that was it. I made it to Bible study, unfashionably late, and looked at the scribbles on over-sized post-it notes. "Creation, Fall, Redemption, Our Response" it said.

The tears came - outside tears this time. I had just shared with my 6th grade girls on Friday that the most selfish thing we can do with the Gospel is to keep it to ourselves.

And what a fool I've been! These aren't just words in Romans and John and 1 Peter. These words - these scribbles - are LIFE. God have mercy on me when I make life about less than the Gospel! A whole semester and only now the invitation is an outward, open gesture.

Lots of outward tears this time. Weeping for those without life.