a new tune

So I've been humming this new tune... I actually can't get it out of my mind. Last night at junior high youth group, we taught the 6th graders a books of the Bible song. It was one I found on Youtube of all places, but it's catchy. Now, before you think I'm pressuring these young ladies to memorize more things (on top of their already rigorous expectations), the girls actually asked for it.

I had shared that I learned a rap for the books of the Bible growing up and still remember it. In fact, I remember and cherish all the verses I learned as part of the AWANA program growing up. (I recently decided that AWANA, or something like it, would definitely have to be a part of my kids' lives - it was amazing!) The girls looked at me and said, could you teach it to us?

It's so amazing when you see how simple things are - that we do truly want to know the heart of God - that the Holy Spirit stirs within us to treasure up Truths in our hearts.

Not that memorizing the books of the Bible is an end in any sort of way, but I am so encouraged that it can be a beginning. Take a peek - and see if you don't start humming a new tune!


This - such a small thing - brought laughter and community into our group last night. What a blessing to see how "hiding God's word in our hearts" will produce much fruit. ... even in the way the world looks when we wake up the next morning.