michigan for easter

I hopped on a plane today, flew to Chicago, jumped on the blue line to downtown and rushed across the loop to catch the 3:58 south shoreline train to michigan city, where my dear friend and mentor picked me up. Whew!

We dined in a little town called Fennville at an adorable cafe/pub and finally made our way to Holland around 9:30 pm. What a day!

It's so exciting to be back up north - where I've made so many memories. This weekend will be a welcome thrill - precious time with family and friends.

On the way here, I spent most of the airport/plane time captured again by Fyodor Dostoevsky's Prince Myshkin. I find myself often and even wondering as he might at ironical or strange situations. Not strange in a conventional way ( if that is possible) but strange because something strikes conviction's chord. Something in me responds aghast at a person's (or my own) tendency to do wrong.

One thing I do love is the style of writing and conversation. The first time I read, "...we fell into talk," I knew instantly I would adopt the phrase. So, this weekend, I have many and great plans to "fall into talk" with loved ones here.