Laboring on Labor Day


I meant to write this on Labor Day, but my day started at 6:15 and wound down around 11:00. It was the first service project since I came on as Service Coordinator and I'm so proud of the students! In one week of school they managed to get the word out, sign up students, collect paperwork, and get to the event.

I gambled and opted for the city bus instead of using the vans (liability and insurance is so much more of a hassle when you're on the side obsessed with risk management) ... and the morning began with a crowd of college students running to catch a bus that turned out to be the wrong one! But, we found the bus, which took us to our destination...

The students jumped right in and before long, what was a dull wall became a brightly colored work of art!
I was definitely nervous, but thank the Lord it turned out all right!