moving slowly...

I really don't know where to put this little story, but I have to write it somewhere! I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that I have suffered yet another foolish injury. I really should be more careful - not having insurance and all. I mean this 'odd jobs' gig is great until you get hurt and the person who employed your services says, "Who are you again?" Minutes after I gritted my teeth at the impact, I heard a very convincing radio advertisement for personal injury cases...and then I realized I had nothin' - absolutely flying solo.

So - the story:
One of the odd jobs (by the way praise the Lord that I even have odd jobs!) I've been doing is painting for a guy named Ben. He's a great guy to work for - funny, sarcastic, and witty. We get along well. Anyway, today he called me to see if I could pinch hit this afternoon on some exterior painting. In my mind I was thinking "beach or paint...beach or paint..." My sense won over my preference!

So, I started painting a forest green on the outside walls of a cute little apartment. I jumped a little when a trap door beside me opened up and Ben appeared singing "Up from the grave he arose!" I'm known to be skittish about those types of things, but it wasn't really a big deal. I got further down the wall and then stepped back to admire my work and ...
tumbled down the trap door and banged up my back and bum pretty bad while I was at it. I was mostly shocked, I guess. It felt strangely Alice-in-Wonderlandish, without the silly rabbit and dinners ...without everything actually except the FALL and I've got two honking bruises to prove it. Actually they feel more like tumors the way they jut out of my body!

I've done this routine before, though, when I fell down the icy back steps last winter. Man, I sure do know how to injure myself!

I'm leaving for Austin tomorrow!!