winter furballs

Okay - so last night was a first. I was standing there, in my print media professor's kitchen, looking up at Copper, who had perched on top of the stove and had obviously been in the cupboards. I felt like I was negotiating with a jumper in one of those movies - pleading that he would just jump down gently and peacefully. I know, I know - I grew up on a farm, right? I shouldn't be scared of animals, least of all cats! Well, how many cats do you know that take prozac? This one does! AND I couldn't get it to take its pills Friday night or Saturday morning! I'm not even sure what all the reasons are, but it's also GIANT! I think it weighs about 35 pounds. I reached up to help it down and before I got too far I realized it wasn't declawed! So, let me lay it all out again: I had a disobedient, possibly crazed, prozac-needing, still clawed cat that could very well plummet to its demise on my watch! Suffice it to say, I was a little stressed out.

I brought my friend over later and it took both of us coax that little pill down -- and I'm convinced the twitching isn't normal, but Cara didn't seem to think it was a big deal. She assured me that the cats were fine... I guess I'm just used the cats on the farm who just run free. I should also note that I am taking care of FIVE cats this weekend!! That's right - quite a collection, eh?

Can I also just add that Mr. Winter is not through with Michigan - after a couple days of 70 DEGREE weather, we're back to being snowed in and scraping windshields!
SOOOO much to write on, with a more serious tone, but that will have to wait til later. I am feeling love in Michigan and praising the Lord for His Son, sacrifice, and eternal victory!!