Life Suggestions from the Mouths of Babes

So, I'm pretty open to what's in store for my future. So open, in fact, that I decided to see what Jack (4) and Julia (6) would suggest - they know me pretty well after three years of babysitting and I knew their imaginations could stretch further than mine. I sure was right.
Here is what they said when I asked what I should do with my future....Well, actually the first thing Julia said was, "Buy a car!" But, after that here's the list they came up with:

1. make candy
2. ballet teacher
3. baker
4. soccer coach
5. firefighter
6. night dreamer
7. doodle bear maker
8. teacher (I had to prompt this one!)
9. toy store maker
10. robot maker

Yep, there it is. My best future life through the eyes of children. .. Actually, I could just about jump on board with #6 night dreamer. I suppose it's conveniently ambiguous and I hardly know of anyone with such a job title, but is that really required?

Anyway, this made me laugh a little.