Mulling Things Over

---- I wrote this on Monday and I'm just now posting it! ----

I have no idea where to begin. I'm chuckling to myself because I'm cat/house sitting this week (Spring Break) and I've had no problem finding topics of interest to share with Jack and Louis. I suppose they are the ones chuckling at all my rambled processing.

Today I think I saw what my life would be like if I lived alone. I woke up and went to a meeting, then I stopped for coffee and read an independent newspaper. Then it was off to my house, where I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen, fridge, floors, and emptying trash, all to the tunes of Tristan Prettyman and the Postal Service. I set a placemat for one and ate my lunch while watching a clever fellow from the travel channel sample meat-bone stew from New Mexico. After savoring my jasmine green tea, I went on a recycling run - which yielded a $1.90 profit. ...I could go on, but I could that ever get boring:)! In any case, I'm on my second cup of coffee right now, listening to Chopin's Waltz #14 in E Minor. My mind seems to be mulling things over much like a magician rolls a coin back and forth through his fingers.

This past weekend was beautifully blessed. Laughter truly is of the Lord! It has to be. Though, at times, merely an affection, laughter decorates joyful hearts and gently lifts the head of sorrow. I spent time relaxing. This is no longer a hard thing to believe. I used to make a big ordeal out of my stopping to breathe, rest, relax, and regroup. I realize this is silly and most times a cry for pity - to make a display of just how busy I really was and how much time I didn't save for myself. It sounds ridiculous, but it's true and let me tell you - it's much, much better to forget that game and enjoy the busy times just as deeply as the relaxing times.

My Indianapolis friends are some of the most generous I know. They grafted me in to their routine for the few days and it felt wonderful to be a part of their community. There are so many blessings as part of God's family - Paul must have (at times) leapt inside as he traveled about joining in the eclectic praise of different communities!