...and then I lost $20

I know, I know. Usually someone follows a dull story quickly with the always exciting, "...and then I found (insert any amount) dollars!" This little tactic is thought to make a detailed, drab anecdote worth all the listening. Well, unfortunately this anecdote starts out quite opposite. I really did lose $20, but I figure since I've probably found $20 at some point in my life it's fitting that I should lose it too. Now, someone else gets to go around adding $20 worth of excitement to the end of their less than story-worthy tales!

It happened on Monday. It was the most gorgeous day! I mean blue sky, sunshine, and the savory smell of new life about to burst through the surface was dancing on the breeze. I finished class and couldn't stand to think of staying inside. So, I called my friend Shyle (like Kyle with a sh) and decided to go a bit early to her and Nate's game night. What glorious fun times of laughter and love!! We made pizza, danced to KT Tunstall, rode bikes to 3 different gas stations to find air, watched the boys longboard for two seconds and took as many breaths of fresh-filled air as was possible.

Then some adventurers in the bunch decided we should go adventuring to the beach. We took off, parked our cars at Rosy Mound, and walked through the forest - up the ravines, through the trees, and always on the snow-covered path. Nate was nice enough to find me a walking stick, which saved me more than one tumble, I'm sure! The night was dark, but still and calm. We talked of music, years past, and humor seeped through our shaky footsteps. We made it down the many steps to the beach, where I instantly began scheming ways we might build a fire. Unfortunately, my mad science and technology skills could not make flame from sand and water. Whoever could come up with a clever invention that could make sand and water combust would surely be one for textbooks!

Anyway, after we trudged back the long trail and made it to our cars, I must have pulled out my keys and in the same motion pulled out the $20 bill. I'm sure it fluttered to the ground unnoticed in the dark. And then I lost $20. And that's the end of the story. ...

Whew - that story took awhile. I really need to update on what is happening "in other news." Like, my upcoming final interview with Teach for America, my encounter with a wonderful audio sermon series entitled, "Walking in the Will of God," my 3-day trip to Indianapolis starting tomorrow, and Spring Break - which is next week!

The Lord is good! My dad arrived safely late Sunday evening from Kenya and I can't wait to hear of his travels! Okay - more updates sure to come, until then peace and grace to all!