"Walking in the Will of God"

I'm listening to a sermon series that my brother and sister-in-law suggested with the above title. I'm not even sure where to start, except to say that I feel blessed. It is all wound up in what I have been learning these past few weeks. But, then, there I go again with the "I's."

Really, what I learn and even how I learn has nothing to do with me (unless we are talking about how learning is impeded!) and has everything to do with God. This new sermon series has taken these notions and brought them to the surface, where my understanding of who God is becomes a reflection like that of the blazing sun on a placid lake.

The questions posed at this stage in life seem to loom so big - where are you going, when are you going there, why did you choose that profession or this place? But, where do these questions begin? They begin with me, and therefore they begin with details. I don't want to attempt the kind of micro-managing involved in counting hairs on heads and each sparrow that falls. Thank the Lord that is His.

Will there ever be a career discussion that asks, "What will bring God glory? What will bring holiness and righteousness and JOY?" For, these are the things, when chosen, bring blessing. It matters not if I choose this city or that vocation. It matters if like Isaiah I can say, "Here I am, Lord." That is it. "Send me, Lord."

Where will you send me? Or
How long will I be gone? or
Who will store my bedding and pay off my loans while I'm gone?

No, these questions begin with a distrust for God's sovereignty. I have to know because God has promised that He will work all things for the good; He indeed will deliver as promised. I believe that. Now my decisions carry less weight because whether I choose this city or that career, God's will and sovereign plan remain.

There is no way to exhaust these thoughts or even to make sense of the marbles I just threw onto the floor by writing all this jumble. BUT, that is for another day. I'm off to Science class to learn about the technology of transistors.