winter beauty

The soft, feathery flakes disappeared almost as gently as the fell as I walked into the library.

I have a list right now, sure. I have tests, papers, and a bit of research that involves Automotive Mechanics (which I'm especially excited about!)

But right now, I'm taking time. I'm going to reflect on some things that deserve reflecting. Like the big, bold puffs falling from the sky. We're under a "Heavy Snow Warning" and I think, seriously, what don't they have a warning for these days? Well, I love it. I like hearing the muffled crunch beneath my warm boots and I like nuzzling into my scarf with my hat pulled down to my eyebrows.

I enjoy this season, but it sure comes with its, well, falls. Last Friday night I went snowboarding. I had worked up such an expectation of thrill, excitement, and even injury that I was practically bursting with anticipation. I had my vintage snowpants on, a bottle of aspirin, and the best coach I could find (my brother:)... I was ready. AND it was amazing! I had an amazing time and survived without too many bruises. I fell and tumbled, but my friend Chelsea and I felt like all-stars by the time we were through (if we didn't look at the 11-year-olds carving down the hills like crazies!).

It's most ironic that the real story of the weekend happened Saturday morning. I felt muscles in my neck and arms that I didn't know were there as I woke up. But, nothing too bad. .. Until I filled my hands and tried to race down our back steps. If you've ever seen Home Alone, then picture the steps completely covered in ice and the fool that didn't see it. He was flung into the air and then gravity not-so-gracefully brought him back hard. Well, this is precisely what happened to me! My left bum is bruised and swollen still today. If I'm in strictly female company, I'll show it to gasps and wide eyes. It's probably the biggest bruise I've ever seen. I'm just glad it's not lower, or I'd have to carry around one of those silly bum cushions!

Now I am feeling a teensy bit of the pressure to accomplish my list this afternoon, so I'll have to leave it at this, but there is so much more!

God is good, all the time. I guess that sums it up. Whether I see the good or bad in my day, I know that God is good and all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called to His purpose. I know that I manipulate and construe things to mean more or less than God intended, when what He wants from me is simple: my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Amen and amen.