Where I've been for the past weeks...

I just realized how absent it might seem I've been. Mostly due to busyness, I suppose.

But, some exciting things have happened, including my family visiting last weekend! After a most crazy and stressful week, my family road-tripped to the city for a short weekend. We navigated public transit, went to an eclectic (and colorful) place for breakfast, ate Chicago style pizza, and did just the right amount of walking to enjoy the city.

We even spent some time in my apartment just enjoying company - exchanging pictures and watching the Music Man in slide show form (that man seriously needs to think about buying a video camera!)

I'm not sure, but I think mom got enough standard "pretend like this is natural" shots on her camera, so I'm anxious to see those. My brothers - I'm not sure, but I don't think I could be family with boys that are much cooler. Will and I stayed up late talking on Friday and I can NOT wait for him to come back through town with his two friends and Christina in tow this Tuesday!

James... I guess that thing called growing up (he's already accomplished it in the vertical sense) is happening to him... I'm waiting to see when he realizes it's not just a phase. :)

My parents are great - they brought some true, Iowa love to my streets. To all of you nay-sayers of city-friendliness: I get it from my parents!! It was truly lovely!

All that said... I have to return to what was stressing me out the week prior. At one point I called my grandparents in exasperation. Seasoned with (now veteran) understanding that God would provide and perseverance would produce beautiful blessings, I told them about my impossible task and project.

Only because I thought it so dear that my grandpa remembered this will I share the story:
"I remember seeing a little girl with two five-gallon buckets, near full, hobbling along. I looked down at her and said, 'Don't you think you should try taking one at a time?' She looked back up at me and said, 'Well, then I wouldn't get any stronger, would I?'"

Yep, that was stubborn little me. I'm sure my unruly blonde hair and petite frame betrayed my confidence, but I'm sure in my mind I was completely serious. Now, I'm convinced all that determination only produced back problems... but my grandparents' encouragement was sweet honey to days of seemingly vain toil.

UNTIL... on Tuesday I received an email from my boss while I was in Virginia. Her boss had just finished the presentation (that I'd been working on) to rave reviews! It did, indeed, turn out to be beautifully blessed and I am so thankful.

I must get back to my work or I'll be backed up when I arrive tomorrow!!