for those interested

so...I've been posting some of the short papers I'm writing for Values and Vocations class, along with some other thoughts for the school part of this semester. They are on a different blog -
if anyone is interested.

I'm off to bed... sleeping early and rising before the sun. The world really smells better before it wakes up. I think I might walk on the lake before I have to go to class. But, then again, who knows where the Lord will direct my steps? Last week I met Sisco. This week? I don't know. But I do know that my grandma is praying for me... and I think that's why I feel so safe. God is using the powerful prayers of His people - so many blessings!

Oh, and today I am now friends with a beautiful sister from Indianapolis. Her spirit is refreshing and full of energy. I only just met her, but I know she has much to teach me ... I am hoping ours is a friendship of the sweet-smelling kind.