scattered thoughts

I met my friend Lis last night at Panera. We meet on Mondays at 5:15 and I look forward to it all week. This past Sunday, the message was about discipleship and I instantly thought of Lis. We learned about the importance in investing in someone else's life not for your benefit or for theirs, but for God's glory. No, God can't benefit from a beautiful relationship, but His glory is revealed in our pursuit of holiness. I went up to Scott Clifton, an amazing man who serves as the missions pastor at Park, and asked for prayer after the service. I told him about the girls I'd met and about how I want to pour into their lives in a deep way. I want to be the iron that sharpens and the friend that loves like Jonathan. I really want to be that for these girls. I also told him about my heart being pulled a few ways for 'after-college' things. He said it sounded like I needed to think about Chicago. Hmm. Anyway, I was blessed by his conversation and prayer and went on.

I found out yesterday that Lis thought of me when she heard the message, too. We had such an amazing time of sharing. I wish I could explain the glint of her eyes when she gets excited. ..I think it might be something like the candy pop rocks. I don't know if you've ever tried them, but the minute you put the little crystallized candies in your mouth they start mini explosions. I love it. That's the look I got when we started talking about our being clay in the Potter's hand. Her joy exploded and it was contagious. Love her!

Today at work I got all the information I needed to contact our Partners in India, Philippines, and Zambia. They won Gender Awards and I'm writing features on what they did with the award money. It still seems a little surreal.

I can hardly believe it - home on friday! I'm trying really hard not to think about how I'm going to spend every hour of my time. My mom is uber-stressed about musical (of course she's doing a musical directly after all-state tryouts), but I will love watching their practice on friday. I also get to catch my brother's last football game and would love nothing more than to join the fam in the stands and cheer on my studly brother as he claims his own ground (beyond the youngest status).

I'll hopefully make the rounds... but the reason I'm flying home is for my friend Anna's wedding. I love her and I love weddings - so the day should be joyful! It will be a time to reconnect with people whose lives have taken them miles from where we first met and made memories.

Today such amazing news - one of my wonderful cousins is going to have a BABY. I couldn't believe it when I read the email, but it is such a joyful thing!

One last random tidbit - Old Testament study and Jen Cousino
Last night was the Old Testament Bible study and I really feel I have so much to learn! I had a dull headache the whole time just for the sheer weight of the words. We just studied the New Covenant, in both the Old and New Testament and the blood of Christ is so so so so deep. I can' t understand it. I really want to learn, though.

Well, this is the shortest and most scattered thing I've written. I guess that's it.