pictures from the birthday:)

These are a LOT of pictures, I know. But, after all those words I knew I'd lose the small following I had if there wasn't something to break up the space and add some color:)

I'm showing off the gifts that came in loving packages from Iowa.. no mistake those are sugar free candies of my favorite variety and a FOOT MASSSAGER for those long, hard days:)

This is the before/after picture of a wonderfully simple birthday cheesecake I enjoyed in the company of Chicago Semester friends!

Chelsea and Ann think it's fun to get stuck in those revolving doors... :)

Meg was as wonderful as ever - surprising me on my b-day with her sweetness!

The night of my birthday I hooked up with Jenna and Lis and we cooked fajitas like it was our job! We do make pretty sweet-lookin' cooks ... but can you believe they tasted DELICIOUS, too!
Lis is working the frying pan like an Iron Chef master!

Okay, Jenna's deck is the cutest little 1 by 2 thing I've ever seen, complete with a pondering stool that should belong to a small child!

Jenna made this cake! We celebrated with chocolate and amazing conversation - definitely a night to be remembered!

Yep, that's right, I'm the ghost in the middle... How did winter sneak up so fast? And how did those girls keep their summer colors? No matter - I love 'em!