today was sunshine in chicago

What is it about life - about living the day from start to finish - that entices us to forget the Source? Of all the things that glitter and sparkle, distract and intrigue - what could possibly be strong enough to make me forget that beautiful, pure spring bubbling up from my soul's core?
Even just today, I noticed myself being swept away with the Chicago River, right out to that big expanse of Michigan sea - given to the whims of the currents. Although this may sound dramatic, at the end of the night I realized how blessed my day was, but how little I gave back to the Lord.
I recently listened to a speaker who had presented at Challenge (national E. Free youth gathering). He challenged the students and adults listening to open their eyes to the lost souls around them. He talked about sharing the gospel with such urgency, because we (as born-again believers) have a responsibility to share. How selfish would we be if we kept salvation for ourselves?

He asked the question "Did you witness to someone today?"
I spoke with a friend about what we'd heard..and to think that the Lord's greatest gift and treasure could be sitting stagnant in my heart - waiting to be shared - that's too much.

Today, as I walked around, I felt my energy and my spirit grasp for the courage and boldness to regain the giving heart. No, not the heart that gives change to every beggar and smiles to ever passer-by. The giving heart my spirit longs for is one that takes the joy of salvation and literally gives it away at every turn.

My interview with the Field Museum went unbelievably well... they even called my coordinator to show their excitement for my interest in the position. But, I appreciated it for a different reason - I saw where my passion lies. Even though I've been told that it's not the best idea to be extremely open about one's faith in an interview, I was able to explain why everything I'm passionate about is directly related to my faith. everything. I feel most alive when I am using my passion with the skills I've been given to make an impact on the world. Not that this job wouldn't be a great opportunity - and God still might want me to be there - but I felt heavy in my spirit... Why?

Why scour the papers every morning to find new corporations coming to town? Why read up on who is giving what money where? Why know off the top of my head who has the biggest capacity to donate in the city of Chicago?
If I was going to be that deeply involved in an organization so big, I would need to be as deeply rooted in its mission and vision. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I can't explain what happened in my spirit when I felt the difference between working for the Lord and working for man.

I'm not saying that working for secular organizations is wrong (definitely not saying this). This just happens to be how the Lord is teaching me that my first interview, internship, and job is with Him. By His grace I'm a part of this!

I've rambled enough...and I have three more interviews tomorrow that I'm very excited about!
World Vision, Chicago Community Trust, and People's Energy.
grace and peace,