So, I am here again writing - very quickly as I need to get back. But, I wanted to write while the feelings were still fresh. My heart is broken for the beautiful people that live in this land. Everywhere I look I see picturesque beauty, but the people are even more wonderful. Last night we had a campfire and I could feel the Holy Spirit in the place. But, Polish Catholicism is so strange! I still do not understand it, even though Gubi and Ania tried to explain it to me.

I am struggling with communication - there are so many things I want to say. I have learned to be silent - out of necessity... but the Lord has used this to make me understand how to listen - even when words don't make sense.

I have no more time, but have so much more to say.

I will write again when I get to Krakow. God Bless and keep yoU!