thinking on a tuesday

I do like to laugh - here's some that might make you smile.

So... here's ten things I never knew before being a painter:
1. It's not nearly as romantic as it sounds (creamy beige and bone white get a little old after multiple dorms, rooms, and hallways).
2. 6 am, well it's comes bright and early, which severely tested my resolve to wake up in time to work out before going to paint... okay, it obliterated it.
3. the better days are those that you feel like you've accomplished something. The hard ones are when your instructions are to prep, paint, scrutinize, and paint again.... and then look at the wall and think, "Shoot, that still doesn't look that great."
4. Painting proves for endless amounts of time to think, talk, and get to know whoever you're working with. This is both good and bad, mostly good.
5. There are many, many ways one can mess up, like forgetting to paint a door, dropping wet brushes, painting before spackling dries, and asking too many questions. (And, yes, I've done all the above.)
6. An essential is definitely a good book. I've gone through almost 4 on my breaks. This could also be my demise, because I usually stay up late trying to finish.
7. The social life for the 7-330er who night waitresses is pretty slim. I'm fortunate enough to have a live-in social calendar (in the form of my bro and sister-in-law).. though we keep it pretty low key, we've had some great nights concocting drinks, watching movies, and my personal favorite, watching "So, you think you can dance?" which I experienced for the first time last week.
8. There are multiple, crazy amounts of opportunities for me to make a fool out of myself. Whether it is ripping my pants jumping off a ladder, accidentally pulling a fire alarm, or managing to completely paint myself every day, I've done it all. My favorite was when another girl on the crew said, "Haven't you reached your stupid quota for the day?" ... all in good fun, of course, but, I can't escape the blonde title that constantly chases me (regardless of my endless efforts at being deep, about my wits, and completely in control)
9. I've learned to appreciate the sunshine and beautiful weather through windows and walking between buildings. It is very much just as radiant in short glimpses and I always remember to take deep breaths, so that...
10. Moments later when I am nearly choking from fumes I can remember and enjoy the outdoors.

Bonus: Spackle. I never really knew the wonder of it. It's basically like a wall in putty form. You just put it on the hole and smear it over so that it bulges over the hole. It settles and dries and then you sand it, paint it, and it's back to being a solid wall. How crazy!

Okay, so maybe they aren't truly funny, but I tried :) and it gives a little picture of the paint crew here at Hope.

I can think of so many more for waitressing, but those will have to come later. I just worked five days straight at Ruby Tuesday's, and I pack tomorrow for a very special conference. I would love your prayers over me as we are going to be doing some friendship evangelism and just hanging out with some wonderful people.

Blessings to you all!