misplaced sentiment?

So... I have a little time to write about my reflection on my great gram's passing. They buried her remains on Saturday and I guess it was a beautiful service. When I got the message that she'd left us, I was just leaving work at Ruby's and the tears came. When you have a great grandparent, it's not as though you don't know that their time will come soon, but when it happens the reality of our short lives hits hard.

I cannot think of a greater blessing, though, than being able to share a part of my life with such a dear woman. She had her moments, as we all do, but she was a fighter - even if she was fighting to be taken home to be with the Lord. One of the things my mom remembered at the funeral was her witty remarks like, "I just don't get it. I keep asking the Lord to take me, but everyone around me is dying and I can't even get a cold!" I can just see her now rejoicing, arranging some tune resembling "Lay that pistol down, Ma" with new words about the glory of the Lord! Oh how she will please the Father with her desire to be with Him!

The Lord's ways are so much higher than our ways. I do praise Him for the short time I was able to spend with family. When I walked in to my grandparents I had the biggest smile on my face. I wondered at my misplaced sentiment, in being so joyful on a "sad" day. But, it was truly a blessing, from the car ride to being wrapped up in love-hugs from my grandparents, to spending time at the cabin with the whole fam, and even falling into our pond. Every bit of it was wonderful, needed, and blessed. Praise the Lord for life and his promise of life eternal!

This past weekend I heard an analogy I thought would be good to share:
What would you think if you were flying from New York to Amsterdam and the fellow sitting next to you started to put up framed pictures by the window? Then he started to put down carptet beneath your feet and sew a small curtain for to cover the view. Then he began unpacking decorations for your seats and added fragrance to the bathroom. If it were me, I would move before he got to the bathroom and say, "Sir, you know that this plane is landing in a couple hours." You'd surely want to remind him that it's not really worth it to go to all the trouble, because we'd be getting off soon.

Isn't this life? Merely hours in the whole scheme of things? Instead of making it look too cozy, shouldn't we be looking around for someone to talk to about the destination?