up all night

So... my back only slightly hurt yesterday morning at 6:30 when we were officially awakened and encouraged to get moving. Saturday night was the Global Night Commute, a little thing that over 54,000 people participated in here in the United States to raise awareness to the situation in Uganda. Yep, I've talked about it before. Well, anyway, it was amazing. Situated right in downtown GR, over 1,000 people gathered at Rosa Parks to write letters, make art projects, and sleep. Right there on the hilly grass around the small cement ampi-theatre. I met new people, spent time with old friends, sang worship songs, danced, laughed, and thought about this sweet cause.

There were a lot of car honks, screams, and sometimes a kick from an annhebriated downtown partier, but it was a great event. There is something about gathering with other people under the same cause of justice that builds such a community. It was interesting for sure, but I loved every bit of it. It didn't really rain, it more sprinkled all night. I was thankful for my sleeping bag, liner, and umbrella, all donated by friends to the cause.

I do have to say that starting out a letter to the President of the United States is an awkward task. I guess I wondered why I'd never done it before. I mean, for all the things I've believed in, argued about, and questioned, I guess it just never occurred to me that I'd have any effect. Well, anyway, I decided to start out "Dear Mr. President," because I thought that was formal enough. Yet, I wroted in a familiar tone, as I would a friend. I also wrote to Debbie Stabenow, a representative from Michigan. I figured she would never know that I was actually from Iowa :).

I talked to my sister, who was at the Commute in NYC, which is much scarier than Grand Rapids. I definitely give her props for even going, and she stuck it out until she realized she would have to stand all night. I don't know if I would have made it that long.

Well, it's Monday now and I just sent my support letter. With prayers and blessings, I just sighed as I sent them. This week is exams, so I'll be busy mostly with projects and papers. I do have an exam later on tonight, but I don't think it will be that bad. I'm looking forward to my friend's wedding this Saturday and my move to Samuel and Bethany's house on Saturday/Sunday.

I will work at Ruby Tuesday's on Sunday, then start on paint crew Monday morning at 6:50. Welcome Summer!
More updates to come!