an explanation and rejoicing

So...I guess it's about time I explain why I have a foreign heart. I have been realizing some things that make me so thankful that this land is not my home. I believe that, being created in the image of God, my deepest part always longs for Him and my true home in heaven.

Oh boy am I glad I long for heaven and not here, although I admit sometimes I am distracted by the fake shine of the things on earth. But, I want to share with you a story of God's glory and work right now... it has to do with Invisible Children. I know - the reaction I got from some people is that children aren't invisible...But just hold on!

So, there's a civil war in Uganda. Northern Uganda is especially suffering from a certain deception that started with a woman named Alice. Alice was possessed by a spirit named Lakwena and was convinced she was called to overthrow the Ugandan government. Her connection with the spirit world gained many followers and a man named Joseph Kony claimed to be her cousin. For the last 17 years he has been plotting this overthrow, but as the Ugandan people grow tired of war, he has started to expand his army by abducting children. Villages and schools are ambushed to kidnap recruits, who are taken to the bush (deserted land) and forced into desensitization. They watch weak and uncompliant children die horrendous death by knife or guns...and the children are forced to make these kills. Their lives are full of blood, one child even said that he gets a headache if he doesn't see blood.
The army targets 5-12 year olds because they are moldable, big enough to hold a gun, but small enough that they will obey. These children have no choice...To escape abduction, children from the villages will travel miles every night to sleep in a town where they can lay safe under a hospital or veranda. These night commuters sleep packed like goods, with no space in between. They wake up early in the morning to make the trek back to their village. Many children make this journey alone.

This is a TRUE STORY! IT is documented in a movie called "Invisible Children." Please check out more at - you will see that this is happening in Uganda and is going unnoticed in the world! In a period of three months, 640 died and 2,000 were abducted. Children are being senselessly slaughtered by their peers, who are learning a harsh way of life..

My foreign heart longs for heaven where there will be shalom, but I know also in my heart that God's heart is for the poor, oppressed, orphans and widows. These are the people of his heart and if I am a true follower I will know that when God's heart hurts, so too should mine. Please check out the website, write senators, and take part in the global night commute on April 29.

We recently held screenings for the movie at my college and had almost 700 people show up. Praise the Lord and we expect more.. because if anyone should be responding to the call of the oppressed it is GOd's children.