another paradox...and another

I am blessed. I truly am. I know it's something people say all the time, but I don't think all the time is enough. PTL (as my mom would say) because for some reason I am blessed.
Today I called my grandpa to wish him a happy 83rd birthday. He talked about how time changed, my travels and studies, and family. He talked for awhile about his 83 years and his children, their spouses and children, and a great grandchild. His tone was reflective, but beautifully thankful for the grace our family has received.

I also talked to my other set of grandparents tonight, because they are coming to VISIT! I am wonderfully excited and am constantly making mental notes about what they'd most like to see. The weekend will be marvelous, for sure, just because we'll be together!

So... another paradox that made my list (and I should note that I could never fully explain these because they are somewhat unclear to me and also would probably bore whoever does read this) was the interesting subject of food and American culture. I know this might have already been tackled in a documentary, but I'm not sure that the ideology has been discussed.

We are told, through advertisements and feel good promotions that we can be what we want, do what we want, and (of course) eat what we want. Celebrities are known for saying their favorite meal is a cheeseburger or a delicious dessert. Our food is showcased in front of us behind glass cases with signs that say "treat yourself" and "you've earned it." The idea that after a long day or week we've earned the right to these delicacies is interesting to me. Actually, it doesn't really have to be earned, we just need to believe that the treat should be coming to us. Anyway, on the other side is our obsession with appearances. By no means deny yourself the treats, but somehow get your body to look dangerously thin and toned. The drug is NOWHERE to be found, but the prescription is ALL over the place! So, we end up quite confused when we are searching to merely eat what we've earned, but then are confronted with these images.

I think this may sound a little drastic, but remember, I don't claim to know. I just claim to think. and it helps to write it out.

I've got to finish up a presentation on behavioral genetics - linking science, biology, culture, and religion. Yep, it's interesting!

also... Tomorrow Hope for the Nations (org. on Hope's campus) is having a Missions Fair and Panel, so if you're into praying, it'd be great if you'd ask the Lord to bless the day. As well as next week, when the justice group will be showing the documentary, Invisible Children ( The story is about children in Uganda that are being abducted and forced to fight in a rebel army made up almost completely of their peers. Lift up prayers!

Grace and peace.